Kometa 120M: the First Passenger Ship from Kalashnikov Concern

An official ceremony marking the launch of Kometa 120M, the new-generation hydrofoil, was held at the Rybinsk shipbuilding plant Vympel (included in Kalashnikov Concern). This is the first passenger ship in the history of the plant.

"This project is important for the plant since it breaks new ground in our business – construction of civil ships. Five Comets are about to be built in the nearest future, and Minpromtorg supported us in it. We intend to deliver about 20 units in total to the Black Sea. By 2025 the line of civil products in our order portfolio should reach 30%," said Oleg Belkov, Director General of the Vympel plant.

The ceremony also unveiled establishing of the High Speed Sea Passenger Transportation operator, a subsidiary that will organize hydrofoil ship transportations. The commission of the comet is planned for 2018 – Comet will navigate along the Sevastopol-Yalta route.

Kometa 120M is designed for passenger transportations in a coastal sea zone. Passenger capacity composes 120 persons; speed is about 65 km/h. The high level of passenger comfort is supposed to be the main difference between Kometa 120M and previously built analogs; the vessel is equipped with modern spacious economy and business class saloons and the automatic system for rolling and overload reduction.